Our Philosophy

You can’t fake quality. Simon Li is all about style and comfort, which is a philosophy built around high quality. 

Simon wanted to create a company that develops and produces quality products for a better way of living - products for good homes. We bring new and better value to the way people live and to the products surrounding them. 

We hope to make a difference to how many people live - to become a World Leader in this field by showing how good design and quality products can be produced efficiently at low cost, so that they can reach and become useful to many more people.

The key was in bringing together the best attributes and practices from around the world by combining the highest level in design, comfort and quality to deliver value that surpasses anything else available up to now.

“Delivering the best value in leather seating is not simply a matter of great design. Or comfort. Or quality. Or cost. It’s about bringing all those important elements together - in just the right way” 

“We invite you to learn about our company. See how our furniture is made. Understand why it’s so comfortable and how it’s built to last. Study our style, designs, leading quality practices, caring service capabilities, and competitive cost management. We think you’ll be pleased with what you find. Sometimes, it’s good to change the rules.”

                                          -  Simon Li


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