A Culture of Quality

Style. Comfort. Quality. - These are first and last thoughts we have each day. Our lives revolve around our dedication to these key principles that drive our business.

When designing and building a piece of upholstery furniture the first thing to be sure about is Quality.  Making sure that every process from the very initial design idea, through designing, prototyping, and engineering, crafting, adjusting and adjusting again - every small step of the way needs to be done in a rigorous and detailed process to secure quality of the final product. Every little piece of wood, patch of leather - every curve and fold - size and shape - everything is carefully thought out and combined together in the perfect way, that only decades of experience has taught us. You cannot just inspect Quality at the end of the production line; it must be part of every aspect of the process flow. From a vision of style, combining the highest levels of ergonomic theory and modern lifestyle habits - to create just the right soft and smoothing, yet supporting level of comfort - a perfect combination - masterly created.

When the product is ready for production - we have created yet another masterpiece that will be beautifully placed in a home somewhere in the world. We simply don’t cut corners, we make sure the product is the best there is and aim to score the highest points in STYLE, COMFORT, & QUALITY.

Our professional and competent management team, together with a culture of quality , actually ensures that each product is completed perfectly.

 Every person on the floor is part of this process. Everyone has been trained and coached and trained again - creating an army of craftsmen that understand what they are doing, care about the final product - and are proud of it! One team, one goal - create the best value in upholstery available. 

The culture at Simon Li’s factories is different from that in many other factories in the Far East. A deep respect for every human being is the base. Everyone wants to learn and improve and make a living. Actually creating a real culture of quality where every worker is part of creating quality, not just doing a job - is maybe the biggest achievement of Simon Li overall, and it will have an impact on how furniture is made in the future. Every worker has a choice in every small move and process, during the production of a piece of furniture. 

We have, again and again, created breakthroughs in modern manufacturing management and in how to motivate and encourage every person in production to be responsible and to care!

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